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5 best selling makeup brushes on amazon

5 best selling makeup brushes on amazon

Amazon has managed to one up itself in an amazing fashion. You can buy makeup brushes from an assortment of brands, and have them shipped to your door for free. So, rather than purchasing items like you find in your normal retail outlet, you now have the option to buy makeup brushes online. But, what are the top selling makeup brushes on Amazon? Why buy them when you can just shop them? Find the top 5 makeup brushes on Amazon!

Clinique Nice Cream Lip Brush

Let’s face it, most makeup brushes are a big, heavy-duty, scrubby, floppy brush with a tight, tangle free grip, but the Nice Cream Lip Brush is a $19 brush that is exactly the opposite of that. The Nice Cream can be filled with plenty of lip stain, pigment, and color, it’s small size will make it easily accessible, its easy to use, and, it has a nice matte finish that you could use to apply your lipstick. But, the best part about this brush is its pretty user test report. From different reviewers, it is well-received as a good choice for your lipsticks (the color choice can be made much easier).

Jurlique Kreula Powder Brush

Another makeup brush that can be easily rearranged, the Kreula Powder Brush is a popular product among makeup artists and is one of the best selling makeup brushes on Amazon. The purple pigment brush which is slanted to bend the powder you throw on it perfectly is a huge step in the right direction for your bronzer skin as it won’t splatter your cheeks for a shiny, cool look. This brush is so attractive that it is often used as a “Sweep Brush” to give the foundation just enough coverage.

Ulta’s Now Brush

So, why would you choose a now brush over one in the sale? The answer is quite simple. The now brush is much slicker and portable than a traditional filter brush. It’s approximately the size of an AAA battery, comes in a handy travel pack with a clip to attach to your sleeve, and is much cleaner than other filters brushes. And, I’m sure that a TV makeup artist would have the second best user test report for this unique brush.


A cosmetic brush that is fashionably beautiful to look at, and durable to use, and sure to do you good on any makeup application. The Chiccia and other Chiccia brushes have a material that is harder to remove than plastic. They are available for both cheap and expensive of makeup applications, or even moisturizing face masks. The Chiccia brush is a perfect pick for makeup artists to use, and also comes in a handy pouch to keep it in.

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