Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

How to Do Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

1: The right primers

Start with a nice, shiny base. I like to use Smart Water for all my shadow removers and clear creases.

Pour the primer on the eyelids and lay out where you want your shadows to go. The primer will help you not only create a clean outline but also prevent smudging.

Use Tintless Hero’s—not the clear liquid or matte counters with a glossy finish. The cream is more matte than the powder coating, but the formula also allows you to get more definition on your shadow shades.

2: The matte lid liner

For deeper, deeper blue tints, I like Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Under Eye Palette’s Blue Magnetic Liner. The liner is thin and needs to be layered up over the whole eye. Apply a coat at your outer eyelid from the outer corner of your eye to the outer corner of your temple. When you touch up your makeup with a liquid liner, a neutral color, like white, may be burnt on your eyelids.

Paint something around the lash line. I like to fill in where your eyeshadow comes in contact with the top waterline and keep the liquid liner curlicue around the entire lid. Always adjust your shadow placement depending on your handbag, but a middle area of your eye should be the first place you start.

3: Using your lashes

Your eyes are bigger than everyone’s; they look better and fatter when you have a good foundation in place. Start by sealing in the brown-black shadow that you’ve applied for the good shadow with a good powder eyeliner. I love to use a pink liquid liner on my eyelids, but a mix of grey-green and brown-black might work, too. Your lashes and lashes brush always need to be protected against getting smudged.

For toned-down black, like my ruby hue by Tarte, smudge cream shadow is a great way to keep your look mellow and focused with a cute little touch. However, a heavy consistency would lead to a wash-out, so use extra care.

To get a wider look, you can start softer with a dark shadow, like Huda Beauty Eyelash & Makeup Peekaboo. Give it a little touch-up by adding a couple coats of mascara to the lash line.

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