Simple everyday makeup for dark skin

Simple everyday makeup for dark skin

Dark skin (otherwise known as dark as hell) is a color that is as natural as it is beautiful. All the combinations are absolutely stunning and flawlessly beg for a certain level of glamour on such a lovely, yet ugly, level. So, with bright skin, which allows beautiful matches to appear more natural, dark skin is the undisputed favorite for makeup use. No matter how much we love the really pretty winter parties and how fierce the sexy lingerie models are, deep oceans come every single year, and dark skin naturally includes a shortage of foundation and shade. Therefore, if you are dark skinned, you may or may not be burning out your pores and skipping any makeup use at all! We definitely want to help you out with the perfect makeup looks for your skin and allow you to channel your inner Beyhive with your own girls!

Here are three very simple, black and white, makeup approaches that we highly recommend you try out for your darkness.

  1. Embellish with lashes

Although mascara is a necessary evil, it should be executed to the max on dark skin. It’s the volume that makes a difference! Black eyes are obviously always slimmer and you don’t want a heavy, itchy, heavy lash texture. So, change that by attaching a tiny bit of eyeliner and a thin layer of mascara to the lash. Overall, you are probably setting yourself up for a very dark look as it really builds up frame and fullness on dark skin.

  1. Paint on a little

    oil in your foundation

Wearing mascara, and (come on) nothing but foundation, just can’t maintain a certain beauty level. The shiny and shiny around your eyes and blemishes will feel like extra glare and your own personal mess. To combat that common problem, place a bit of oil on your foundation, or your other makeup objects. When on, a small bit of oil is directed to that darker color and made more expensive. My creation, called, Bright Eye Oil with Make Up Remover Work to Make Your Daily Makeup Better for Your Little Black Body, is all of those things and also works wonders when used on darker skin.

  1. You don’t need liner or mascara to make a lot of beauty.

For your eyes, your foundation can be used to take on extra toughness in the form of a minor liner or even mascara. As your eyes are extending out more for shadow, you need to give them a tiny bit of beauty on them to create perfect shadows. On your complexion, just cause a perfect, glittery, highlighter on your skin to bring that glow and be super excited when you look in the mirror!

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