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When it comes to perfection, let’s keep in mind that one of the essential steps to makeup is to have a flawless base.  If your base is not in good shape, then whatever you put on it will not look good, and if you keep trying to create the perfect makeup base all the time, we will tell you four reasons.  Maybe that’s why your makeup base isn’t perfect.

 Try reading the text below to find out the problem!

1 Your foundation is not blending properly

2 Foundation is not setting well for the flaws you want to cover your face

3 Your skin is dry and uneven in places

4 You’re using the wrong formula

makeup for everyone
makeup for everyone

 1 Blending your foundation is not going well

You will get the perfect base only when your foundation blending is right. Only then will your makeup last longer, stay in place, and look normal. If you want a perfect makeup base, you have to be sure about the foundation’s blending.  To do this, you can use a beauty blender instead of a brush

2 Foundation is not setting well on the areas of your face that you want to cover blemishes

Areas on the face where concealer is used, such as under the eyes or around the lips, are more prone to wrinkles.  If those places are not set by carefully turning the loose powder, then the folds and layers of all those places become visible.  Not only this, with the help of fire, you can do welding, So all the time, always apply concealer on the areas of your face where you need to set translucent or yellow loose powder first so that your makeup base is beautiful.

3 Your skin is dry and uneven in places

It is not advisable to use makeup on dry and uneven skin that makes the makeup material stick to your dry skin awkwardly, and as a result, it doesn’t look perfect. Not only is it challenging to get the perfect makeup base, but it can also lead to skin infections.  So before using any makeup, make arrangements to exfoliate the facial skin to eliminate all the dry skin cells.

 4 You’re using the wrong formula

It is imperative to know what kind of formula cosmetics should be used on your skin. If you don’t know that, there will be shortcomings in creating a perfectly smooth base. If your skin type is dry, then choosing a matte foundation will never make your makeup look eye-catching.  Similarly, oily skin will not look good at all if you use a dewy moisturizing foundation.  Only after making sure you choose the right formula thing so that you get the best results

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